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Need an urgent loan in cash? It's Ezy!

Avail hassle-free, pre approved loans against your credit card anytime, anywhere with the EzyPay app powered by VRS Enterprises.

Our services

VRS Enterprises is a financial service provider that helps you avail Spot Cash against any of your credit cards– Visa, Master, Dinners, Discover Club, Dina UAE Cards, Chase Bank, JP Morgan, American Express, Corporate Gift Cards, etc.

Skip the hassle of providing too many IDs! Avail pre-approved cash loans against your credit card limit without the need of any additional documentation.

Through our app you can secure loans without any additional verification required. Loan amounts beyond the credit card limit may be availed on grounds of eligibility.

Avail tenure options of 12-60 months. Make repayments as per your convenience within the loan tenure, even without EMIs.

Great deals on interest rates! Interest rates available as low as 0.99% per month, for loans taken on your credit card.

Your loan EMIs will be billed as part of your regular monthly credit card statement. So that payments are seamless, with zero extra effort.

Skip the hectic loan application process with banks and get your loan instantly; no guarantors, post-dated cheques or standing instructions required.

Transfer any loan amount to your Standard Chartered savings account, or any other bank’s savings account by demand draft or in 2 days via NEFT.

Other Services

Easy solutions for money transfer to any bank account

We provide money transfer options to any bank account without having to visit a bank. No documentation required. Fast & Easy!

Choose your preferred mode of transfer– NEFT, IMPS etc, enter beneficiary details, and that’s it!